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Easy Hobbies for Seniors During All Phases of Life

Home care can help aging seniors thrive in new hobbies.
Home care can help aging seniors thrive in new hobbies.

No matter how old you are or your senior gets they will need hobbies to keep busy. Every senior who is aging in place will need a few things to thrive: the right help, the right hobbies, and the right mindset. When a senior has the mindset of thriving, they are more likely to achieve those goals, and with home care assistance set up, they can easily focus on the things they love.

If your loved one is struggling to figure out what new hobbies they want, here are some ideas and places to start.


Reading or Audiobooks

Your senior can be in almost any shape and still enjoy reading. It is one of the best ways to get lost in another world and allow the time to pass by without it feeling draining, long, or boring. There are books for everyone in multiple categories, so your senior loved one will find something that piques their interest. If their eyesight is bad, there are large print books or even audiobooks. Many authors and publishing companies have also started creating graphic novels that provide an almost movie-like experience for people listening to books. This can be a great way to spend a few hours and become captured by a beautiful and fictional world.



There are tons of ways for seniors to let their creativity shine, and one of the best ways is to find adult coloring books. This is a way to keep hand-eye coordination strong and a way for seniors to express themselves without needing words to do so. It is a way to focus on something without needing to think or stress over it, and it’s a way to zone out without being unhealthy. This is also a way to understand your loved one’s feelings without prying.

Pay attention to the colors they choose and to the pictures they prefer; this information will help you and home care workers understand how someone is feeling.


Sitting Outside

If your loved one likes to walk, encourage them to walk outside. Unfortunately, not all seniors are able to walk around as much as they should or want to. If they are unable to move around, they can still sit outdoors and get the sunshine they need to be healthy.

Even just by sitting outside for a few minutes every day, your loved one will improve their mental state and absorb the vitamins the outside has to offer. With the help of home care providers, your loved one should be moving as much as possible, but sometimes sitting and relaxing is the best thing for their bodies, and this can actually be a rewarding activity.



Not all seniors will love puzzles, but they are a great way for your loved one to spend a colder spring morning or any morning. There are puzzles with different challenge levels, ranging from easy to hard, with either simple or intricate designs. This will keep your loved one’s brain active and allow them to stay entertained even when they need to be inside.



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