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What Types of Help Does Home Health Care Offer?

Home health care offers many services to seniors aging in place.
Home health care offers many services to seniors aging in place.

More and more patients find themselves needing help with medical issues but find it difficult to leave home to get that help. Home health care services offer a convenient way for patients to get the personalized care that they need. Nurses and other healthcare professionals come to the patients in their own homes, ensuring that their health needs are addressed as thoroughly as if they were in a medical facility.


Wound Care

Whether patients are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgical procedure, their wounds have to be properly managed if they’re going to continue to heal well. Dressing wounds, assessing the healing process, and preventing infection are three of the most important ways that nurses care for wounds.

When patients are able to receive wound care at home from home health care professionals, they’re in their most comfortable settings and better able to heal.


IV Therapy

Sometimes, senior patients need intravenous (IV) therapy. This involves medications, fluids, and sometimes nutrients administered directly through a vein. IV therapy is often helpful for patients who need hydration therapy, chemotherapy, or other long-term medications. Receiving IV therapy at home reduces the need to go to hospitals or other medical facilities when it may not be necessary.


Physical and Occupational Therapy

When patients are recovering from illness or injury, they often need additional assistance. Both physical and occupational therapy can rehabilitate patients in various ways.

When it’s not easy to leave home to attend these appointments, therapists can visit their patients at home. These in-home therapy sessions help restore mobility, support recovery, and allow patients to progress at their own pace.



Patients and family caregivers may not feel comfortable handling injectable medications on their own. It can feel a lot better to let nurses handle that task and home health care providers can manage all sorts of injections for patients. It’s convenient to receive injections at home and doing so ensures that patients are adhering to their prescribed treatments.


Monitoring Chronic Conditions

For patients who are managing chronic health issues, home health care can stay on top of what’s happening. Conditions like heart failure, respiratory illnesses, and diabetes can decline very quickly if patients aren’t getting the medical assistance that they need.

Home health care providers are able to assess how well their patients are doing and keep track of vital information that keeps medical providers up-to-date about complications or other potential issues. This type of assistance can help to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.


Home health care services offer tools that can improve patient health and help keep patients healthier after they recover. The best part for patients is that these treatments come to them, and they are able to remain comfortable in their own homes.

Knowing that they won’t have to go to a hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary can be a huge boost for the patient’s mental health. When patients are comfortable and doing better overall, they’re more likely to comply with their doctor’s recommendations.



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