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How Does In-Home Care Help Seniors Live Independently?

In-home care can help with routine tasks to help aging seniors maintain their independence.
In-home care can help with routine tasks to help aging seniors maintain their independence.

If your senior parent wants to continue living at home but you’re concerned about their safety, you should consider in-home care. In-home care provides the support that seniors need to continue living at home as long as they want.

In-home care gives you peace of mind because you will know that your senior parent isn’t alone and that they are getting the help they need to keep their homes clean and sanitary and manage other household tasks.

If independence is important to your senior parent, talk to them about in-home care. Explain that you will feel better about them living alone if they have a home care provider helping them. And share with them all the ways that in-home care can help them like:



Shopping can be really tough for seniors. Walking around the store, sometimes multiple times, can be exhausting. Especially if they are pushing a cart. It can be physically painful for seniors to try and pick items off shelves and then bend over to put them in the cart or take them out. A care provider makes shopping easier because they can do the heavy lifting for your senior parent. And it’s much more fun to go shopping with someone.



Home care providers can do light housekeeping for seniors living alone. Vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, and tidying up are things that seniors may neglect, which can make their homes full of dust and allergens. And there could be trip hazards on the floors, too. But with regular visits from in-home care, your senior parent’s home will stay clean, tidy, and hazard-free so that your senior parent can enjoy being at home.


Household Management

A care provider can also help your senior parent manage their household. Going to get the mail, taking out the trash, opening the mail, sorting the bills, managing letters and cards, ordering supplies, going to the post office, and other management tasks are easier for seniors when they have help. With the support of a care provider, your senior parent can truly be independent.


Pet Care

If your senior parent has a pet but taking care of that pet has gotten more difficult as their health has gotten worse in-home care can help your senior parent take care of the pet. Feeding the dog or cat, making sure it always has clean water, washing bowls, washing bedding, making sure there is pet food in the house, and helping get the pet to the vet for annual checkups are all things that in-home care providers can do for your senior parent. It will be a big relief to your senior parent to know that their beloved pet is being looked after.



When your senior parent stops driving, they will also need transportation. A care provider can help your senior parent run errands, go to appointments, go shopping, or get to any other place they want to go. Having a care provider who can take your senior parent to medical appointments, dental appointments, or eye exams can be a big help.



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