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Medication Management Tips for Seniors

Home Health Care: Medication Management in Concord, CA
Home Health Care: Medication Management in Concord, CA

As you get older managing medications becomes harder. Your memory may not be what it used to, you may need help administering medication, or you may need daily reminders. Suddenly, your care and help around the house needs to be a lot more specialized, and luckily there are tons of options in the home health department. You can find a caregiver that specializes in home health or skilled nursing to help you age in place. Many people think you need to live in a nursing home to get this type of help but the truth is many of these professionals will come to your house to help you age in place. They will know how to administer medications and set reminders for you that actually work. However, on top of having a home health care provider you will want to pay attention to the medication management tips below.

Set Up a Routine

No matter where you live, how old you are, or what medications you’re taking, having a routine is essential. If you stick to the same thing every day your body starts to understand what it needs to do even if you can’t always remember. You may instinctively get up and walk towards your medicine cabinet which can help jog your memory of what you’re supposed to take each morning. Having a routine is crucial in every aspect of your life but especially when it comes to medications.

Schedule Reminders

Reminders come in so many different forms, you can write notes to yourself and place them on medicine cabinets, mirrors, or even the fridge. This will help remind you but also remind those caring for you like home health care professionals. Other times you may need something more verbal or even a sound that goes off from an alarm. You can utilize technology like alarm clocks or even Amazon’s Alexa. If you use an Alexa the AI may be able to tell you exactly what you need to take and when you need to take it. Technology can be good for seniors who wish to age in place. This device may help you manage your medications on your own. On the other hand if you need help handling the medications or administering it you will still need the help of home health care.

Minimize Medications

Talking to your doctor regularly is going to be so important as you age. You should be seeing and speaking with a trusted doctor who focuses on senior bodies and health. They will be your biggest resource when it comes to managing medications and talking about any unwanted side effects. You should never just stop taking medication, you should always talk to a doctor first. If you feel like you’re on too many medications to manage even with home health care, this is something you need to talk to your doctor about. They may be able to find a combination that allows you to minimize the amount of drugs you’re taking which can make it much easier to manage. Unfortunately, a doctor may not know that you are taking too much because every patient will be able to manage a different amount. This is why you need to always be open and honest with your doctor, because they are there to help you.


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